Bioelectronics is the utilization of electrical structure gauges to science, medication, direct or prosperity. It impels the essential thoughts, makes data for the sub-nuclear to the organ systems levels, and makes imaginative devices or methodology for the expectation, end, and treatment of disease, for determined recuperation, and for upgrading prosperity. Bioelectromagnetic, instrumentation, neural frameworks, mechanical innovation, and sensor propels are a bit of the requests imperative to become new understanding and things around there.  Biomedical devices are an amalgamation of science, sensors, interface equipment, microcontrollers, and PC programming, and require the blend of a couple of standard requests including science, optics, mechanics, number juggling, contraptions, science, and programming building.

  • Electrochemical Engineering
  • Biomimetic Systems
  • Bioelectrochemistry
  • Microbial Fuel Cell
  • Bioelectronic Devices in Medical Applications

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