Biomaterial Science

Biomaterials are commonly used to define fake organs. It tends to be gotten from nature or orchestrated in the exploration focus by using distinctive compound methods with circuit of metals like polymers, pottery generation or composite materials and used in restorative applications as a grows, or replacer of trademark limit. Biomaterials are commonly associated in Joint substitutions, dental applications, Blood vessel prostheses, calm movement, vascular associations, Stents, Nerve conductors, contact point of convergence and in restorative technique as transplant material. Material science bases on utilization of biomaterials and tissue planning works in therapeutic or dental supplements, prostheses and body transplanting devices. 

  • Next Generation Bio-materials Tools and Methods
  • Science of Cells & Materials at the Nano scale and Micro scale
  • Materials for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine
  • Materials as Model Systems for Stem Cells and Human Biology
  • Molecular Design of Biomaterials Including Translation of Emerging Chemistries to Biomaterials
  • Nano system and Nano materials for Therapeutic Delivery
  • Interactions at the Biointerface

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